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Drowning in Drought?

This Book Shows How Farmers Save Water & Grow Profits (Even With Less Land!)

Step into the Future of Farming with "Thinking Outside The Soil"

Are you seeking innovative ways to revolutionize your farming methods, conserve water, optimize efficiency, and harness the potential of your existing resources? Look no further—this book has you covered. "Thinking Outside The Soil" is the game-changer every farmer needs to elevate their agricultural practices, reduce waste, and achieve unparalleled efficiency.

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Are These Farming Challenges Holding You Back?

  • Water Shortages: Dwindling water resources impacting your crop yields?
  • Space Constraints: Limited acreage hindering your ability to meet growing demands?
  • ​​Cost Inefficiencies: Exorbitant expenses draining your farming profits?
  • ​​Drought Concerns: Worried about feeding livestock during dry spells?

"Thinking Outside The Soil" is more than just a book—it's your ticket to a sustainable and prosperous future in agriculture.


What others are saying about us

Jolene, Aspiring Chicken Keeper

I love the whole fodder “movement” It just makes so much more sense! I read your book and loved it too! It is just like talking to you. I don’t read “non-fiction” books typically, but it was great!"

Erin, Small-Scale Poultry Farmer

Hi Sean, I finished your book (interesting and informative read!)...I appreciated the book being easy to read and understand, instead of droning on about things above my head.​...Oh, and I appreciated the personalized note in your book. Nice touch that made me smile."

Ciardullo Ranch​

"What a creative and informative way to talk about how to feed livestock during a drought that won't go away."

"Throughout his education and all along his career path, Sean has been focused on investigating, improvising, and innovating. He not only seeks knowledge in everything around him, but he is quick to absorb that knowledge, improve upon it, and then offer it to others through teaching, mentoring, and now through his writing. Most importantly, Sean is educating and inspiring at-risk youth and future generations of young farmers, as well as seasoned producers with growing techniques to keep up with a changing world.

​With this book, Sean has recognized the importance of the Triple-bottom line - People, Planet and Profit. As farmers and stewards of the earth, we must find the most productive ways to grow our food. Methods that conserve resources and produce little waste. Hydroponic animal fodder is a perfect example of this application. Sean explains in everyday terms, the ways to grow more feed, with less water and inputs, in a significantly smaller footprint."

"I love that this book breaks down hard facts to a level I can easily understand and apply. I learned a lot about how hydroponics systems work & why they should be better utilized. Not only does it make sense from a financial standpoint, but with so many other benefits it seems silly not to invest in this method of farming.

​It was fun to learn a bit about the author. I can see where Sean's passion comes from. As an expert in his field, he brings knowledge to the table. But I see additional advantages to working with him. I admire the "hands-on" approach to his philosophy. Running his own farm enables Sean to really grasp farming needs and identify opportunities to produce higher-quality products with fewer resources. It's no surprise that he is such a highly sought after consultant in engineering hydroponic systems. I've also learned that Sean finds time to make a difference by giving back to and maintaining a strong presence in his community."

What You'll Learn in this Book

"Thinking Outside The Soil" is jam packed with 234 pages of no-fluff, actionable content

  • Hydroponic Farming Evolution: Trace the roots and growth of hydroponics, understanding its ability to yield more with less space and water.
  • Hydroponic Fodder Advantages: Discover how hydroponics stands out from traditional field crops, conserving resources while meeting rising demands.
  • ​​Choosing the Right Crop: Evaluate six key plants—Alfalfa, Barley, Clover, Corn, Cowpea, and Sunflower—for optimized hydroponic animal feed.
  • ​​ABC's of Hydroponic Fodder: Master the principles and benefits of high-yield plants for nutrient-rich animal feed production.
  • Fodder Production Techniques: Explore three essential methods—microfodder, green water, and sprouting—for efficient hydroponic fodder growth.
  • Strategies for Efficiency: Learn resource optimization strategies for a sustainable, productive farm.
  • ​​Extended Insights: Access additional resources for ongoing learning and innovation in hydroponic farming.
  • ​​Practical Implementation: Apply actionable steps directly to your farm for improved yield, quality, and efficiency.

"Thinking Outside The Soil" is your go-to guide, unlocking hydroponic farming's transformative potential for a more sustainable and prosperous farming future.

Are you ready to control your feed costs, yield fresh, wholesome eggs, and foster a thriving, healthy flock? If so, let's embark on this journey together. The book has a free questionnaire and set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation when you're ready. I'd love to get you on the right path. But just so you know, we're the sprouting experts that the agricultural world turns to for chicken feed solutions.

​Embrace the future of farming today. Break free from the constraints of soil and step into an era of sustainable abundance. Welcome to "Thinking Outside The Soil".

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Order Now & Get These BENEFITS


Comprehensive Insight:

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of hydroponic farming, offering insights into its evolution, the advantages it holds over traditional farming methods, and detailed guidance on selecting, cultivating, and optimizing fodder crops. It equips farmers with a holistic view of hydroponics, empowering them to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies.

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Practical Techniques:

"Thinking Outside The Soil" doesn't just cover theoretical concepts; it offers practical techniques and methods such as microfodder, greenwater, and sprouting. These actionable strategies enable farmers to implement hydroponic practices on their farms, increasing efficiency, conserving resources, and enhancing animal feed production.

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Sustainability and Resource Optimization:

By emphasizing the benefits of hydroponic farming, particularly its ability to significantly reduce water usage and space requirements while increasing yields, this book advocates for sustainability in agriculture. It guides farmers on maximizing efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing resources, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to farming.

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Here's what you get:

Gain instant access to "Thinking Outside The Soil" and embark on your journey towards sustainable abundance.

  • Sustainable Farming Mastery: Learn sustainable agriculture techniques valued at $599 (Value)
  • Sustainable Farming Mastery: Learn sustainable agriculture techniques valued at $599 (Value)
  • Expert Guidance by Sean Short: Exclusive access to decades of hydroponics expertise valued at $699 (Value)

Total value: $1,791

Today Just: $24.95

Embrace Innovation, Reap Abundance

This groundbreaking book is your gateway to unlocking the power of hydroponics - a proven method that transcends traditional farming, ensuring greater yields, reduced ecological impact, and enhanced profitability.

  • Unveiling Hydroponics: Learn how to implement this revolutionary technique into your farming practice effortlessly.
  • Mastering Sustainable Agriculture: Combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science for a truly sustainable approach.
  • Maximizing Yield: Amplify your harvests, control costs, and cultivate thriving flocks or crops.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Sean Short, a seasoned hydroponics specialist with over a decade of experience.

You’re Covered By My 100%

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that this book will provide you with invaluable knowledge and insights to revolutionize your farming practices. Therefore, we offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Embrace the future of sustainable agriculture risk-free with "Thinking Outside The Soil."

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Meet the Author

Sean Short

I'm the co-founder of Blooming Health Farms, a nonprofit farm that nurtures at-risk youth through agricultural entrepreneurship. With a B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and ongoing graduate studies in Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins, I've dedicated over thirteen years to mastering hydroponics and water treatment. Today, I help chicken keepers enhance egg quality, regulate feed costs, and raise thriving flocks.

But my path wasn't always smooth. I've fallen from a thirty-foot building and fought addiction - battles that have molded me into the resilient soul I am today. When I'm not working, you'll find me competing in off-road triathlons, breeding cherry tomatoes, or penning poetry and reflective essays.


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