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Thinking Outside The Soil

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Hi, I Am Sean Short

Co-founder of Blooming Health Farms, a 501c3 nonprofit farm that supports at-risk youth by teaching life skills and agricultural entrepreneurship.

I specialize in hydroponic fodder to help producers get better products and control feed costs. Together, we can take back the feed chain!

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Thinking Outside The Soil, with your host, Sean E. Alfalfaseed. The show where we get to talk story and touch on topics about hydroponics and the farmers who grow the crops and creatures we need to eat.

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Season 1: Episode 76- Opportunity Costs of Sprouting
What's worth more, your time or money? Money can be replenished but what about your time...?  Listen To More

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Season 2: Ep. 24 - The ABCDs of Hydroponic Fodder
The seven most studied crops in the hydroponic fodder world are also those we feed our livestock...  Listen To More

Get Your Copy of  'Thinking Outside The Soil! Click here!

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