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Monday, January 01, 2024

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Backyard Self-Sufficiency

Hello, my peeps!

Welcome to a fun adventure about growing our own food! Have you ever thought about having your own little farm right where you live? It's easier than you think and starts with something super fun: chickens!

I have a farm called Blooming Health Farms, where we love growing things in unique ways. It's really important to know where our food comes from. And guess what? You can do this too, right in your backyard!

Why chickens, you might ask? Chickens are amazing! They give us fresh eggs for breakfast, and they're also like our little friends. Caring for chickens teaches us a lot about nature and how to be good to our planet.

But how do you start? First, we need to make a cozy home for our chickens. They need a safe place to sleep and lay eggs. Then, we learn what they like to eat. Chickens love eating grains and even some kitchen scraps. It's like a treasure hunt, finding what they like the most!

In my adventures with plants and fish, I've learned many cool things. I want to share all these tips with you. We'll talk about making a happy place for chickens and keeping them healthy and strong. It's going to be fun and easy, I promise!

Raising chickens is not just about getting eggs. It's a great way to learn about caring for animals and being responsible. Just like I learned new things and got better at taking care of my farm, you can learn and grow, too. We all can help our earth by being kind and thoughtful.

And it's not just chickens! Did you know you can grow yummy vegetables and fruits in your backyard, too? Imagine having your own tomatoes or strawberries! We'll explore all these exciting things together.

So, are you ready to become a backyard farmer? Let's start this amazing journey together. We'll learn how to care for chickens, grow our own food, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Keep checking back for weekly stories and tips from me. I'll share easy ways to care for your chickens, grow yummy food, and do great things for our planet. Let's turn our backyards into a little piece of nature's magic!

Knowing where our food comes from is so important, and you can experience this joy, too, right in your backyard!

Rent-the-Chicken for a Taste of Farm Life: Still trying to decide about having chickens full-time? 'Rent the Chicken' is your perfect start. Like Sarah, a city dweller who thought chicken farming was beyond her reach. She tried our program, and it transformed her family's life. The joy of collecting fresh eggs each morning was a game-changer for her kids. Click here to start your own chicken-renting adventure!

Chickens teach us about care, connection, and the rhythms of nature. Wondering how to begin? It's easier than you think!

Hatch-the-Chicken - Witness the Miracle of Life: Our 'Hatch the Chicken' program lets you experience the wonder of life. Shyann, a high school teacher, participated and saw how her students were mesmerized by the hatching process. It brought their young minds a new sense of wonder and respect for life. Click here to experience this miracle in your home!

Chicks and Pullets for Your Backyard: Ready for your own chickens? We've got the healthiest and happiest ones waiting for you. Take the case of Karen, who started with a few pullets from us. Now, she proudly boasts a small, thriving flock and shares eggs with her neighbors. Click here to choose your new feathered companions!

Raising chickens is a journey of discovery. It's about contributing positively to our planet and learning valuable lessons.

The Best Feed for the Best Eggs: Quality feed is crucial for healthy chickens and delicious eggs. Our 'Chicken Crack' sprouting seed ensures your chickens are well-nourished. Just ask Jeremy, who swears by our seed for his prize-winning eggs. His neighbors can't get enough of them! Click here to get the best sprouting seed for your flock.

Remember, backyard farming isn't just about chickens. It's about growing your own food and being part of a sustainable future. We'll explore all these exciting possibilities together!

Join Our Community of Backyard Farmers: Ready to start this journey? Join our community. Share stories, get tips, and support each other in this wonderful adventure. Angela, a member of our community, started her original chicken journey with little knowledge. Now, she's a backyard farming pro, inspiring others with her journey. Click here to join our growing community!

Keep coming back for more fun stories and helpful tips from me. Together, we'll learn, grow, and make a difference, one backyard at a time.

Stay tuned, peeps, for our next fun adventure in chickening. It will be an egg-cellent journey, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

What Does mean to grow food with a purpose?

Blooming Health Farms is an aquaponic chicken farm in Northern Colorado that employs at-risk youth between the ages of 15 and 24.

Your donations help get kids off the street by providing the resources to teach job skills and training so that the youth can become contributing members of our community. 

Help US transform the troubled youth!

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