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Monday, January 08, 2024

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Hey my peeps,

Happy New Years and Welcome to 2024!

Our journey since April 2019 has been a roller coaster. Many of you reading this likely know that I love to write. So, I find it funny that it's taken four years to assemble an official company newsletter.

The aim is to release a printed version every month and a digital version weekly. We will offer those with subscriptions our printed newsletter to generate recurring revenue for the 501c3. So feel lucky if you get a printed one for free ;)

Imagine a special monthly newsletter, printed and packed with not only unique stories and insights about what we do, but I'll give you insider tips to help you with your chickens or youth projects. It's a step beyond our digital edition, reserved for our subscribers - a circle of chicken peeps committed to sustainable agriculture.

You're reading the digital version now, but there will be so much more exclusive content aimed to help you unlock your inner chicken pimp.

​Get a seed or feed subscription, or click here to get the full, tangible experience of our journey.

What's Inside

  • Letter From Sean Short
  • The many ways to incorporate chickens into your life
  • Community Service at Blooming Health Farms looks a bit different than most places
  • Blooming Health Farms has been in several print publications this past year
  • Things to look towards...

Letter From Sean Short

This past year has been nothing short of spectacular and full of chickens. As I wrote in my book's revised version, which hit the shelves on November 20.

"Never did I expect to become a chicken man and find a path with more youth that resonated with chickens.

One youth in particular has truly shaped who we are and where we are going. He came to me from a local teacher. One that moonlighted as a delivery driver. The intersection of at-risk youth and mental health wasn't truly apparent until Kewani came to the Alpha Site one day and ate a cherry tomato.

Ah, the giant Epcot tomato that captured me lived on in the form of a cherry tomato. One I bred that tastes as sweet as a starburst candy. Kewani had never had a fresh tomato before, and after his eyes lit up, I knew I had him for life. But of course, what we did together truly solidified our bond as teacher and student. He wants to be a rapper. And I immediately fueled his dream.

Soon, I saw a delinquent become a caring and compassionate kid towards our chickens. Kewani came to love and care for our feathered friends without any encouragement.

I took him to the farmers market, and then there came the greatest three-sentence business plan I had heard in my life after we sold out of eggs in the first fifteen minutes.

"We need more chickens."

"We can't," I replied…

Kewani persisted with his chicken math, "Yeah, but Sean, if we had just two more chickens, we could get two more eggs a day and bring more eggs to the next market. That means we could make more money.”

The idea was brilliant. And a bit reckless what happened next. But the Urban Farming concept took on a whole new level. Never would anyone believe that nestled in the heart of an agricultural haven, one that has an odd ordinance against chickens, that we would become a chicken farm.

I found a home for them on the edge of the city after meeting a couple that wanted to farm. You see, the second group of people we found who needed our help are the homesteaders who were hurting and struggling to be profitable.

We made a pact and soon pimped their property into our first co-op and egg-laying operation. And boy, was it rough at first. We quickly realized that there is a reason it is hard to be a profitable farmer. Enter our sprouts.

In the past year, we have affectionally called our sprouts' Chicken Crack.' And it's so easy to grow that Ethan took to it within a week.

We're now pursuing the Certified Humane process and are growing "better than organic" eggs. What does better than organic mean, though? It means that we adhere to the strictest organic and animal welfare standards while still being as frugal as farmers can be.

I hope you enjoy this issue!

An Egg-cellent Companion

Imagine waking up each morning to the gentle clucking of chickens in your backyard, knowing that nestled in the coop are the freshest, most nutritious eggs you've ever tasted. This isn't just a quaint countryside dream; it's a reality within your grasp, thanks to a few innovative solutions we've crafted.

If you already have a flock, it's time to elevate their diet with Chicken Crack, our specially formulated feed that guarantees healthier, happier chickens and, as a result, superior quality eggs. Not just any eggs, but ones bursting with flavor and nutrition, surpassing even the best organic eggs you'd find at the market.

But what if you don't have chickens? No worries! We offer a unique opportunity for you to dive into the world of chicken keeping without a long-term commitment. How? By renting chickens from us. Yes, you read that right – rent egg laying chickens and experience the joy and simplicity of gathering eggs right from your backyard. Plus, when you fall in love with the experience, you can always adopt your feathered friends and their cozy coop.

Think of it as a test run in the world of sustainable living, a chance to connect with nature and source your food right from your doorstep. Whether you're an experienced chicken owner or a curious newcomer, we are here to guide you every step of the way. From chick care to setting up the perfect coop, we are ready to share our expertise.

So why wait? Contact us today, and let's talk about how you can embark on this delightful journey. Whether it's renting for a trial, buying your own flock, or simply seeking advice on chicken care, we're here with open arms. Email or call to start your adventure with backyard chickens and step into a world where farm-fresh eggs are just a coop away.

Remember, this isn't just about eggs. It's about embracing a lifestyle closer to nature, more sustainable, and incredibly fulfilling. Let's start this journey together. Your backyard, your rules, your eggs – fresher than you've ever imagined. Email us at info@bloominghealthfarms.com
or call 970-205-9215 today!

Stay tuned for the BARK...

Next month, we're excited to showcase our aquaponically grown pea shoots at the BARK in Wyoming. This project has been a journey of growth and discovery, cultivating these vibrant shoots for a private client and local restaurants.

Their crisp, fresh flavor is not just a culinary delight but a testament to the sustainable practices we cherish. Catch these green gems at our Greeley Farmers Market stand and soon, at local restaurants, where they'll add a splash of green to plates and palates alike.

Much of our success, especially with our chickens, came from the teamwork between Kewani, Elliott, and myself. It's too bad they are no longer with us.

Last year, I had the unique opportunity to supervise and mentor our first youth prospects, Kewani and Junior, at Blooming Health Farms. Watching them grow and seeing their potential unfold has been incredibly rewarding. And, with Junior on board this year, the farm will continue to evolve.

I strive to be more than just a boss; I aim to mentor all who come through our doors. This past year, I supervised three youths from the community doing their Useful Public Service (UPS). One is a student at UNC, another attends Greeley West, and the third isn't in school. Our approach to community service here differs significantly from the norm.

For instance, when we start with our trash collection initiative on 16th Ave, I make it a point to connect with these kids on a personal level. Dressed in our safety vests, with a 5-gallon bucket and grabber in hand, I often start the conversation casually as we pick up trash together.

'You know, I find these soda bottles all the time,' I might say, holding one up. 'Do you drink soda? What's your favorite?'

Or, when we find candy wrappers, I use it as an opportunity to dive a bit deeper.

'I used to love this candy as a kid. Actually I still do! How about you? What's your go-to snack?'

These simple conversations open doors. They're not just about the trash we pick up; they're about understanding their lives, their likes, and dislikes - in a way that feels natural and unforced.

The remainder of the UPS is spent in more hands-on activities – like cleaning the coop or fixing fences, tasks every chicken farmer dreads. But in these chores, there's learning and growth. As we work, I often share my insights or ask for their opinions, making the experience a two-way street.

'Fence fixing, huh? It's a tough job, but essential. What do you think is the hardest part about it?' I'd ask, encouraging them to think and engage.

This dialogue-based approach has transformed the UPS experience into something meaningful, not just for the youth but for me as well. It's about building connections, breaking down barriers, and empowering them through real, tangible work.

This year has been a journey of shared experiences, learning, and growing together, and I look forward to many more such transformative moments.

My book, Thinking Outside The Soil, has just concluded a successful book launch on Amazon, with the book ranked as a #1 Best Seller.

If you're looking for ways to save water, maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and make the most of what you already have, this book has you covered. The book reveals hydroponic methods that significantly reduce water and space use. It advocates for sustainable, healthier animal feed, guiding readers towards eco-friendly farming.

The book dives into the benefits of hydroponics for livestock like poultry and cattle, alongside crops such as alfalfa, barley, and corn. The book speaks to farmers, using language and examples that connect with them. My book is a guidepost for the future of farming. It's an essential tool for forward-thinking farmers.

Join us in revolutionizing agriculture by reading a book that's not just changing how we raise livestock. It's safeguarding our planet's most precious resource- water.

Secure your copy of 'Thinking Outside The Soil,' available on Amazon or thinkingoutsidethesoil.com.

Get my copy, today!

Greeley Lifestyle Magazine, a Local Delight

Blooming Health Farms was featured in the October 2023 edition of Greeley Lifestyle Magazine. This magazine is renowned for its in-depth coverage and celebration of the community's vibrancy, featuring the finest in arts, events, cuisine, travel, and more.

My personal and professional journey unfolds in Bethany Wiley's article, complemented by Tiara Rose's evocative photography. It's a transformation story showing how overcoming personal obstacles and teaming up with Ryan Smith to establish Blooming Health Farms in 2019 became a powerful story of resilience and the impact of agricultural mentorship.

At Blooming Health Farms, our mission transcends basic agricultural entrepreneurship. We're deeply committed to empowering at-risk youth, providing them with not just skills, but hope and a sense of purpose. Our approach to farming is holistic, focusing on personal growth and strengthening the community with good food.

I encourage you to click the link and read the full article.

Blooming Health Farms Launches Chicken Rental Program

As referenced above, here is the Greeley Tribune article talking about our rental program. <-- Have a read, Kelly does a great job!

That’s it for this issue. Newsletters will start coming to you on the first Tuesday of the Month.

And yes, I know it is the second Monday of January but all y'all seem to take holidays and put up auto email responders. So, I didn't want you to miss out on info to help you take your chickening to the next level.

Have a lovely month,

Sean "loves chickens" Short

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