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Thinking Outside The Soil

How Hydroponic Fodder Helps Farmers Save Water, Improve Livestock Quality, and Become Better Stewards.

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"What a creative and informative way to talk about how to feed livestock during a drought that won't go away." - The Sun Times

"With this book, Sean has recognized the importance of the Triple-bottom line - People, Planet and Profit. As farmers and stewards of the earth, we must find the most productive ways to grow our food. Methods that conserve resources and produce little waste.

Hydroponic animal fodder is a perfect example of this application. Sean explains in everyday terms, the ways to grow more feed, with less water and inputs, in a significantly smaller footprint. And considering the scalability, this can be adapted for the homestead hobby grower to the commercial producer. Through years of research, trials and his own experience, Sean knows first hand what works and what doesn't to help the reader get started quicker and avoid costly mistakes."
- Tawnya Sawyer, Co-owner, The Aquaponics Source

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BHF Sprouting Kit
BHF Sprouting Kits includes handmade steel stand, two certified organic seed packets, pint size jar with homemade 3D printed lid, and step-by-step instructions. The kits are made by youth participants and make fantastic gifts, especially for the holidays! Kits can be a great way to bond with your family or friends while growing wholesome and nutritious food. Kit

Every kit sold helps neighborhoods become better places because we use 100% of the proceeds to keep at-risk youth off the streets and teach them how to become entrepreneurs and community leaders.

*Jar of full-grown Sprouts for display, not included.
Eco-Friendly Super Sprouter
Want the sprouting lid we use to get results fast? All you have to do is screw it on/off of a wide-mouth mason jar and you'll make sprouting easy!
Feed Your Flock Framework
If you want to easily sprout more feed in a smaller space than microgreens, get it done yourself without having to spend hours on YouTube or on webinars to figure it out, and use a proven mix of seeds that gives chickens what they need to make good eggs... then this is the most important sprouting system you'll ever purchase!
Pastured Perfect Layer
The 17% Protein Low Starch Pastured Perfect Layer Feed is a complete nutritional feed of cracked and milled grain that's supplemented with kelp, organic alfalfa, and Poultry Nutri-Balancer. Designed for adult laying hens, the layer feed is formulated with additional calcium for egg shell strength.

Because feeds are milled on the same equipment, there is no guarantee that the finished product will be 100% free of corn. If you have an allergy concern, we recommend consulting with your physician to ensure this product is right for your flock.
5 lbs. Chicken Crack Sprouting Mix ($25)
Five (5) pounds of the mix will last five (5) chickens for approximately one (1) month when used as directed.
BHF Bulletin
$97.00 for 6 months then $19.97 / month and $3.00 one-time Setup Fee
Monthly Newsletter by Blooming Health Farms
Thinking Outside The Soil
Thinking Outside The Soil eBook
Pastured Perfect Starter
21% Protein Low Starch Pastured Perfect Poultry Starter is a complete nutritional feed of North American Organic grains supplemented with organic alfalfa, kelp, and Poultry Nutribalancer and ground finely for chicks. Fully balanced with all the nutrients your chicks need, this feed also includes probiotics to help improve digestive health to optimize nutrition. At 5 weeks of age, transition to our NCO Corn-Free Grower/Broiler feed.

We do not guarantee the complete absence of occasional large grain particles in its Starter Feeds. Do not offer large grain particles to chicks or ducklings or turkey poults.
Pastured Perfect Grower
The Certified Organic, Soy-Free, Low Starch 19% Protein Pastured Perfect Grower/Broiler Feed is a complete nutritional feed of cracked and milled grain that's supplemented with organic alfalfa, kelp, and Poultry Nutribalancer. This feed is designed for chicks age 5 weeks until slaughter weight or until egg laying age. Balanced vitamins, minerals, and protein helps support strong development of bones and feathers during accelerated growth stages. Made exclusively with North American Organic Grains. Because the feeds are milled on the same equipment, we do not guarantee that the finished product will be 100% free of corn. If you have an allergy concern, we recommend consulting with your physician to ensure this product is right for your flock.

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What You Will Find This Book...

  • ​Discover A Healthier And More Economical Way To Raise Livestock
  • Gets You More Time To Manage Your Business
  • ​Effortlessly Understand The Principles Of Hydroponics
  • ​​Escape The Feeling That You Might Not Be Able To Feed Your Livestock

Our food systems struggle due to drought and lack of land. Hydroponic fodder is one solution because it uses 90% less water and land than forage.

One hundred years ago, most of us farmed and grew our own food. Today, less than 3-percent of Americans make the things that grow our great nation. But, thanks to new advances in technology, business, science, and society, we have been able to do much more with much less. Agriculture faces many problems today, from drought and pollution to climate change and land availability. Farmers struggle to develop sustainable agriculture practices that help the Earth and make money. Hydroponic fodder saves over 90-percent less water and land than soil-based animal feed. Research and farmers concur. Not only does hydroponic fodder save water and land, but it is also better for the Earth. Farms that adopt hydroponics can spare land normally used to grow crops for livestock. The land is better used for other purposes, like agricultural land trusts and natural preserves. Farms also use fewer inputs to produce significantly more food. Thinking Outside The Soil shares valuable knowledge for every farm to grow fodder with less water, on less land, and improve its bottom line.


I approach all challenges with a Needs Analysis. This generally begins with some sort of operational deficiency.

Water and land are scarce.
Money is tight.

It may also begin with some technological opportunity.

Hydroponic systems save resources.
Systems increase your bottom line.

This is best captured on an ‘Initial Project Needs Assessment.’ It gathers basic information about the purpose and scope of a project. It is short and allows for a quick consult without wasting anyone’s time.

This is where we would talk about if we can find a solution and the next steps. I try to ensure people have the best information to make informed decisions.

Enter your email to download a free questionnaire. Check it out and set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation when you are ready.

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