Sprouting For Success System

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Limited Time Starting at ONLY $2,994!

Sprouting For Success System

Here's what you get:

An Amazing New System That Helps Every Chicken Farmer Get Better Than Organic Eggs

  • ​Seed and Feed Subscription: All the seed and feed you need for right to your door for the next 60-days.
    *Cost TBD based on how many chickens you have 
  • Feed Your Flock FrameworkThe tools and instructions to grow your own feed better than the pros! $997
  • Sprouting For Success Master Class: 5 weeks of 
    1-on-1 style coaching and support to get you on the path to Better Than Organic chicken farming $1997

Starting at only $2,994!

Sprouting For Success System

If you want more feed in a smaller space than microgreens, do-it-yourself without having to spend hours on YouTube or on webinars to figure it out, and use a proven formula that gives chickens what they need to make great eggs... then this is the most important system you'll ever purchase!

  • ​High-Yielding: Get a higher yield than micro greens in the same space - without the need for electricity!
  • ​Proven Method: Developed to accomodate the busy farmer to feed as many hens as possible - with ease!
  • Avoid Hard Work: Get Better Than Organic eggs without all the hassle and hard work of following complicated feeding regimens with specific supplementations

​Seed and Feed Subscription:

All the seed and feed you need for right to your door for the next 60-days.

  • ​Chicken Crack Sprouting Mix: Proprietary Blend of seeds and grains desgined to promote healthy hens that lay consistently yummy eggs!
  • Organic Layer or Grower FeedA Complete Feed Specifically Balanced for Pastured Poultry. Simpler Formulation with Fewer Ingredients. Great Value and Corn Free.
  • To-Your-Door Delivery: The feed and seed will arrive on a regular schedule to your home or farm

Total Value: $100 per hen!

Feed Your Flock Framework

  • Nested Sprouting Kit: Specially designed nested-bucket system that allows your sprouts to soak and drain just right!
  • FYF Rotational ShelfA vertical organizational shelf to help keep your sprouts consistenly available for your birds.
  • Sprout-Kibble Seed Starter Calculator:  A customized calculator and specific instructions so you can grow the exact amount you need for your flock. 

Total Value: $997

Sprouting For Success MasterClass

  • ​Weekly Trainings: Initial 6-day training to get you started and then to maintain your success along the way
  • Weekly Live Q&ALive Question and Answer session each week
  • Private Facebook Group: A group that will allow us to share our success and setbacks
  • ​Voxer App: Direct Messaging capabilities that will allow you to connect with Sean like a walkie-talkie

Total Value: $997

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