Comprehensive Mental Health Recovery

The Problem in Numbers

  • Colorado is 3rd in youth crime and drug use in the nation.

  • One incarcerated youth costs, on average, $122,000 per year not including court fees, damages, etc.

  • 80% of youth arrested and released before the age of 20 are rearrested in 3 to 5 years.

  • 20% of families in Weld County experience food shortage.

  • National Institute for Justice found a $10.43 benefit for every $1.00 spent on high quality youth rehabilitation programs.

Those are the numbers, but the kids we help aren't just numbers.  They're people.  They're sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.  They have potential, they have dreams, they have value.  If our program cost more money than it saved, it would be worth it for the future of these kids, but the numbers don't lie.  We can save taxpayers more than $10 for every $1 spent on our program.  The good news is that we don't require consistent funding like most mental health programs, because we're self sufficient.  Our financial projections are very promising after a one-time need for start-up expenses.  From a financial standpoint we will not only be reducing tax burden on the justice system, we'll be doing it while we create jobs in a self-sustaining business model that more than supports itself.

The Basics

We seek to employ 10 youth who are at-risk of involvement, or who are currently involved with the justice system.  These youth participants receive STEM and job-skills training, and participate in a comprehensive mental health program detailed below.  In return they are given a generous paycheck and are taught how to cook nutritious meals for their families.  These life skills go a long way toward reducing need for criminal involvement.

The Model

Our youth participants work alongside Master's level mental health clinicians, social workers, and interns overseen by fully licensed clinical professionals.  They engage in cognitive-behavioral therapy, coping skills groups, and in-depth individual counseling to treat underlying causes of criminal activity and truancy.  These approaches have been scientifically shown to reduce recidivism by up to 90%.  Participants are given access to advocacy services to increase engagement in school, as well as support to improve life at home.  Our three-tier system focuses on the unique needs of different age groups including academic success, planning and development for the future, and immediate employment need.  We evaluate each participant to individualize our services and tailor the program to our staff.  We believe in continued education and learning across all levels, so our clinical staff receive constant, high quality training to increase their professional capacity and competencies.

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