Empowering Youth Through Sustainable Agriculture

At Blooming Health Farms, we grow food and grow people. As a 501c3 nonprofit hydroponic & chicken farm in Northern Colorado, we help justice-involved individuals find purpose, gain skills, and improve well being through the power of proven and innovative farming practices. We work primarily with at-risk youth aged 15-24, providing them with opportunities to learn agricultural entrepreneurship and become valued contributors to their communities.

The Birth of Blooming Health Farms...

April - 2019

Blooming Health Farms was born out of a shared vision by co-founders Sean Short and Ryan Smith. With Sean's background as a molecular biologist and systems engineer and Ryan's expertise as a nationally certified counselor, the two were equipped to combine mental health support and cutting-edge agricultural practices in a unique and impactful way.

Sean Short, one of the founding pillars of Blooming Health Farms, holds a B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and is currently pursuing an MEng in Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins. With 13 years of hydroponics and water treatment experience, his technical skills in plant science and quality management have played a pivotal role in developing our sustainable farming methods.

Sean and Ryan At The First Farmers Market. Berthoud, Co. August 2020

The Pivot...

March - 2022

Blooming Health Farms began its journey as a unique aquaponics venture, with a core focus on growing delicious cherry tomatoes and sprouts. But when Sean and a resilient at-risk youth found themselves captivated by the charm of chickens, the direction of the business began to change. 

Thinking Outside The Soil

How Hydroponic Fodder Helps Farmers Save Water, Improve Livestock Quality and Become Better Stewards

Author of 'Thinking Outside The Soil', Sean is recognized for his expertise in hydroponic fodder, an approach which helps us control feed costs while enhancing the health of our chickens. We use the best organic ingredients so we raise the healthiest hens, yielding the best tasting and most nutritious eggs around!

The Transformation 

November - 2022

'Thinking Outside The Soil,' sprouted from this humble beginning, distilling wisdom and insights gained from innovative practices in hydroponic fodder. As our chickens thrived on the nourishing fodder, they started laying eggs that tasted different - rich, wholesome, and packed with nutrition. But as our eggs flew off the table at the local farmers market, we realized this was just the beginning.

At-Risk Youth feeding our secret formula

After experiencing an unexpected sell-out of eggs at the local farmers market, we recognized a golden opportunity. So we significantly expanded our flock flock, leading to an exciting new chapter full of chicken people. 

Deluxe 'Amish-style' Rental Coop

Our experience and know-how led to a valuable affiliate partnership with 'Rent The Chicken,' a service that enables people to hatch or raise their own chickens, without the long-term commitment.

Our Sustainable Farm Model

We pride ourselves in adhering to Certified Humane standards while being a holistic practitioner of organic agriculture. Using hydroponics and a hybrid vertical farm model, we grow fresh produce and poultry feed using 90% less land and 97% less water compared to traditional farming. This enables us to be a part of the solution to food accessibility issues in Weld County, where one in five people struggle to find food

The story of Blooming Health Farms is one of continuous growth, innovation, and commitment to sustainable agriculture. From our humble beginnings as an aquaponics farm to our current status as a recognized leader in sustainable poultry farming, we continue to evolve, remaining devoted to our mission of making a positive impact on the environment, our community, and the lives of at-risk youth.

Our Impact

At Blooming Health Farms, we strive to make a positive impact on our community and the planet. Our commitment to mentorship extends beyond just agriculture, as we also collaborate with Weld County Extension as a Volunteer Horticulture Advisor.

And while our farming techniques are revolutionary, it's our work with at-risk youth that truly sets us apart. 

Previously troubled by alcohol addiction and going in-and-out of jail, Sean has overcome his personal challenges and channeled his experiences into a passion for helping others. A recovery story himself, he uses his journey to empower the young individuals we work with, proving that it is possible to rewrite one's story.

Providing job skills training, we equip these young individuals with practical skills and emotional resilience, aiming to reduce the youth crime rates that are among the highest in the country.

Our food is better than organic because it is wholesome, fresh, grown the way nature intended and uses the best tools available to help grow at risk youth.

What we are really doing here at Blooming Health Farms is growing food and growing people.

What We  Believe

  • Fostering Awareness Through Education: We believe in raising awareness about sustainable farming practices and animal welfare. Through our hands-on learning experiences and training programs, we aim to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for our innovative farming methods.
  • ​Nurturing Imagination Through Innovation: We harness the power of imagination through our commitment to innovative, sustainable farming methods such as hydroponic farming and the National Poultry Improvement Plan. These innovative practices reflect our belief in the limitless possibilities of agricultural technology.
  • Maintaining Discipline in Quality and Nutrition: Discipline is at the core of our commitment to quality nutrition. We source locally grown, organic seed to create nutrient-rich fodder and feed for our hens, leading to healthier birds and superior eggs.
  • ​Demonstrating Willingness in Sustainability and Animal Welfare: Our willingness to make a positive impact is reflected in our dedication to sustainable and humane farming practices. We are committed to contributing to a resilient local food system and ensuring our animals are raised under the highest welfare standards.
  • ​Practicing Generosity Through Community Involvement: At Blooming Health Farms, generosity is expressed through our community involvement. We warmly welcome volunteers, offer learning opportunities, and provide a platform for people to connect with their food sources and support local farmers.
  • ​​Promoting Humility Through Criminal Justice Reform: At Blooming Health Farms, we firmly believe in supporting and promoting criminal justice reform. We advocate for second chances, embodying humility, and providing opportunities for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Our work is a testament to the belief that everyone deserves a fresh start.
  • ​Championing Excellence in Every Aspect: Our operations reflect a balance of all our core principles, resulting in a commitment to excellence. From our dedication to criminal justice reform to the production of 'better than organic' eggs, our mission is all about "Growing Food. Growing People."

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