We Help homesteaders Pimp their Farms into profitable egg farms


Let Us Explain...

We've reframed 'pimp' to symbolize our innovative approach to farming. It means to make things better. Because here, Pimpin’ means pushing boundaries and driving change.

Welcome to the revolution.


  • Organic Feed
  • Free-Range and Beyond
  • Co-op of Poultry Farmers aka Chicken Pimps
  • ​Strict Humane Animal Welfare Standards

US vs. Them


  • Conventional Feed
  • Crowded Houses
  • Corporate Controlled Poultry Farmers
  • ​Minimal or No Humane Animal Standards

What Our Chicken Pimps Say...

"The seed is always so clean and easy to sprout!"

-Ethan Schmitt

Know what I'm sayin'?

"My ladies love the feed and they always give us amazing eggs!"

-Karen Varner

Our Manifesto

  • A Pimp leads with humility, overcomes challenge, finishes what needs to be done, and demands the highest quality for the flock.
  • ​A Pimp negotiates agricultural knowledge and educates others about them. A chicken pimp knows a balance between imparting wisdom and learning from nature.
  • ​A Pimp is savvy beyond business. Chicken Pimps harness innovative, sustainable methods and push the boundaries of traditional chicken farming.
  • ​A Pimp is influential within the community and creates a platform to connect people with their food source.
  • ​And...a Chicken Pimp is loving to all. Compassion demonstrates a willingness to follow the strictest welfare and quality standards. Love leads to a resilient food system.

The craft of chicken pimpin' is more than a pursuit; it's a rebellion against current chickening. A radical reimagining of our agricultural landscape.

At Blooming Health Farms, we're not just growing food and growing people. We're also sowing the seeds of change in the chicken world.

You're at the heart of this revolution...

Welcome, Chicken Pimp.

If you dare to embrace a new way of raising our food, then sign-up below to find out your next steps...

How Chicken Pimp's Get the Best Success:

Sprouting For Success System

Here's what you get:

An Amazing New System That Helps Every Chicken Farmer Get Better Than Organic Eggs

  • ​Seed and Feed Subscription: All the seed and feed you need for right to your door for the next 60-days.
    *Cost TBD based on how many chickens you have 
  • Feed Your Flock FrameworkThe tools and instructions to grow your own feed better than the pros! $997
  • Sprouting For Success Master Class: 5 weeks of 
    1-on-1 style coaching and support to get you on the path to Better Than Organic chicken farming $1997

Starting at only $2,994!

Sprouting For Success System

If you want more feed in a smaller space than microgreens, do-it-yourself without having to spend hours on YouTube or on webinars to figure it out, and use a proven formula that gives chickens what they need to make great eggs... then this is the most important system you'll ever purchase!

  • ​High-Yielding: Get a higher yield than micro greens in the same space - without the need for electricity!
  • ​Proven Method: Developed to accomodate the busy farmer to feed as many hens as possible - with ease!
  • Avoid Hard Work: Get Better Than Organic eggs without all the hassle and hard work of following complicated feeding regimens with specific supplementations

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Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

Growing Food. Growing People.

What Does mean to grow food with a purpose?

Blooming Health Farms is a working aquaponic chicken farm in Northern Colorado that employs at-risk youth between the ages of 15 and 24.

Your donations help get kids off the street by providing the resources to teach job skills and training so that the youth can become contributing members of our community.

Help US transform the the troubled youth!