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Aquaponics 101 Outlines Three Simple Principles That Begin To Explain How It Works

We get a lot of questions about aquaponics at Blooming Health Farms. The ones we hear the most are, “What is aqua-ponics?”, “Aqua…what?”, or “How does it work?” In a previous post, we showed that aquaponics is an age-old agricultural system that brings together the concepts of raising fish and growing plants without soil. In this post, we will begin to answer that last question, “How does it work?”. We start by keeping the idea of aquaponics farming as simple as possible with this Aquaponics 101.

How Aquaponics Works:

  1. Fish are raised in a body of freshwater. This body could be a tank, pond, lake, or a reservoir. Fish eat food and make waste, which goes into the water.

  2. Beneficial bacteria that are found in nature convert the fish waste into plant nutrients.

  3. Plants are grown in a field, bed, or container and remove the former fish waste from the water.

These three principles serve only as guidelines for farming. As we will learn, aquaponics has many more details. But like the old saying, “keep it short and simple,” we believe that principles serve as the foundation for all success.


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